Friday, January 15, 2010

These Boots are made for Walkin... and life is like a Box of Chocolates

Thursday night is normally "date night". Since I have been under the weather over the past two weeks I thought it would be best to bring "date night" to the homefront yesterday. Steve picked up some Chinese from our favorite haunt and we enjoyed a couple of dishes with our "stolen" plastic chopsticks that we acquired from the old Lichee Gardens restaurant on Elizabeth street. I think they were stolen in 1972. Do you think they are still looking for the missing two pairs? An unsolved Cold Case. Anyway, the meal always ends with a fortune cookie. I cracked mine open and this is what it said..."On Friday your creative side will shine forth with exceptional ideas".

How weird is that? I get a fortune cookie on a Thursday night that tells me what I am going to do on a Friday? Totally Twilight Zoneish. So following the advice of Mr. Wing (I bet he makes a "fortune" making those cookies) I decide that my creative side and my backside need to get back to work first thing Friday morning. Who goes back to work on a Friday after being off for almost two weeks? Wouldn't it have made more sense just to close out the week and start fresh Monday? No. It was great coming back on a Friday...I wish I could do this every week...come in on a Friday and's the weekend and you don't have to deal with the "Monday Blues". Brilliant !

My day started slooowly. I was slooow in the shower..slooow getting dressed...slooowly putting my boots on...slooow getting my lunch packed....sloooow in the car (doing 57km in an 80km zone?) and finally slooowly walking up to the building....slooow slooow slooow... I was hoping that the energy in the office would perk up the slooow motion state I was in.....

I have a specific routine at the office. I think everyone has an "office routine". Mine begins by walking up the stairs...I don't like taking the elevator in the building. Why? It scares me. You never know if you trapped in there with someone creepy. I navigate through each door with my security pass and finally reach the kitchen where there is an open box of chocolates eyeing me from the table. I get sidetracked by the heavenly smell emanating from the box. Hmmmmm....let's see what looks yummy. Right on top was the nice glossy paper instructions with pretty photos of each chocolate and their internal content descriptions. I am studying the paper and comparing the photos with what's left in the box. Let me see? I think I want the pecan crunch milk chocolate square one......nope...that's about the white chocolate blondie.....nope that's gone.....what about the coconut round one......NOPE THAT'S GONE !! I lift the box up to see if there is a second hidden level under the first almost empty one.......NOPE gone too! It was obvious what had transpired during my absence......chocolates were eaten.

I put the box down and decided to stick with my usual breakfast meal. One cup of blueberries, one cup of soy milk (which is semi-expired), a mixture of 3 High Fibre cereals and a sprinkle of dried cranberries. Mmmm mmmm good.....but today I would have traded FLAX for the chocolate. Next I need to look for my "special spoon". What's so special about my spoon you ask? Well, for's old. It's an old comfortable spoon that was leftover from an original set that was probably purchased before the Town became a City. It doesn't look like any other spoons in the drawer. It is roundish with a grey plastic handle and it fits into my mouth comfortably. Not too big. Not too small. Just right. The Three Little Bears would have loved that spoon. It's a great spoon. My spoon lives in a drawer with other spoons and sometimes hides. You know how some people need their caffeine fix in the morning? Well I have the same feeling about my spoon. If  my utensil is missing I become edgey and begin "flinging" the other spoons aside to locate mine. Once I find my spoon I'm okay and can start my day.

Three hours later I go through the same "search and rescue mission"...I need to find my fork.... because.. It matches my spoon!

Next week I will tell you about my plate.....TGIF.

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