Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back in Business Baby, DCL and Stuck on Ebay...

It's been 48 hours since the mandatory "rest in bed" process began and believe it or not I think I am finally seeing the light. I'm feeling sort of human today with the exception of the fact that I am still hanging on to the non-smoker's smokers cough. When I woke up this morning I decided it might be time to wash my hair. I won't tell you when the last time I did that because.... I honestly can't remember. I just know that everytime I try to brush it hurts. As I eagerly jump out of the shower - nice and clean - I'm regretting the decision I made to wash my hair. Way too much effort to dry my mane.  MO (middle one) is up and ready to go to school this morning. He offered to take me to Java Joe's for a treat since I have been sequestered to my room for 10 days now. I bundled up, he put me into his car and off we went.  And then...I had a vision into the future. This is what it will be like when my kids will have to drive me places when I'm old and feeble. They will have to help me cross the street to go the florist. When we get to the counter they were sold out of my favorite muffin so I settled for a Jumbo Carrot (it was the only choice that wasn't made with white flour). I love being at Java Joes. Even if they don't have my muffin dujour I don't feel cranky here. They have a cozy fake fireplace, comfy seating area and a flat screen T.V. If MO didn't have to get to class I would have stayed there for the day as it reminds me of home. I was out for exactly 14 minutes.....not much of a diversion but it's a start.

Back on the homefront there was nothing too unusual going on today. Both kitties were relaxing in the sunshine (which they do best). Can I be a cat in my next life? Big Kitty was squeezed into a small basket and little kitty....well......she was doing her stretching class I guess.....not sure how such a tiny cat stretches to this length - maybe she's made of rubber or something?

DCL ( Denise Cleaning Lady) is also "in the house". She arrived today in the afternoon due to scheduling conflicts. She has a "client" that she sees every other Thursday A.M. so my slot gets changed to Thursday P.M..... We are lucky to have DCL. She is a nice, warm woman who is from St. Vincent. Two of her favorite phrases are "praise be G-d" or "Lord give me strength".  She has a couple of issues though. 1. She loves to talk on her cellphone while cleaning and 2. She breaks things (more than likely because she is holding her cellphone with her ear/shoulder while trying to balance things with one hand!) Let me name a few of the casualties of DCL. The new fridge has a crack on the inside, the new stove has a scratch on the outside, the coffee mugs (if fortunate enough to survive DCL being near them are cracked), if they are unfortunate they have already hit the ground and shattered, my pricey face serum from New York City?...smashed and cracked in a million tiny pieces. Most of the time DCL is a break and run offender. She NEVER confesses to the breakages...just runs. Last week (because I was home) I witnessed two dishes come flying down the stairs and hit the hardwood. Following the two dishes was DCL - running, laughing and cheering when she discovered that the cups didn't break. One of lifes little miracles.  I now bubble wrap everything that I feel needs to be salvaged on a weekly basis. Praise be G-d.

Anyway, I'm planning on going back to the office tomorrow for the following 10 reasons:

1. I don't want to miss any TGIF (Thank G-d it's Friday) celebrations
2. I need to assure my boss that I haven't quit
3. I miss my highlighters (especially the hot pink ones)
4. I am yearning for the companionship of other women
5. My soy milk is expiring this week and I left it in the lunchroom fridge
6. I am longing for desktop over laptop
7. I left my favorite Jessica Simpson shoes in my filing cabinet
8. I am craving the sensation of putting pushpins into my walls
9. I am donating way too much to World Relief Funds
and the top reason I need to get back to work is......
10. I am getting addicted to Ebay again.....(here the little pink number I bought yesterday....cute no?)

Let's talk about Ebay for a minute shall we? Dangerous subject. I have been a "member" since 2003. That's 7 years. I don't think that in 7 years - 59 purchases is that bad do you? So what if the the majority of those purchases were cute little tops that I wear to the gym? Is there something wrong with having too many cute tops? I don't think so.  And then there's the thrill of being the Winning Bidder. Huge thrill. Here's the usual chain of events. Search the item. Find the item. Wait for the last possible second to bid on the item (the last 30 seconds is the best). Place your bid. Wait. Bingo! You're the Winner! It's a bigger thrill than shopping in a crowded mall. There is a sense of mystery to the purchase. When is it going to arrive? Will it be exactly AS SHOWN in the photo? Will it fit? Are you wondering if I have ever had Ebay disasters? Hell ya. I have run home after work only to find that my purchase was either too small or too big. What happens then? I transform.....from an Ebay Buyer into an Ebay Seller...this takes skill and talent ya know.. you then experience the best of both worlds......buying and selling......importing and......exporting.....The last item I bought before my pink tank top was a Livestrong Jacket. I LOVE this jacket. It fits like a glove. Perfect to keep cozy in pre-spin class and it matches all the other Livestrong items I have been collecting over the past few months. I was so excited to wear my new jacket to the gym a few weeks ago. I started out the class with it ON and got shvitzy (sweaty) so I removed it to unveil a matching Livestrong white tank (yes I have every color now). I placed the jacket on the empty bike next to mine and when the class was over I completely forgot to take it with me. It wasn't until about 8 p.m. that evening when I realized that my jacket was missing! I totally freak out (YO was a witness). "Steve!! I need to call the gym!! I lost my jacket!!, I scream! "ok" he says calmly. I am dialing frantically and the fitness guy answers. "Hello, Hello...I need to know if someone turned in a Livestrong Jacket - it's extra small, grey and very cute", I ask. The fitness guy says "hang on a minute - I'll go look". I start to pace. Pace and sweat. For what seems to be like an hour and was only 2 minutes, the fitness guy comes back on the phone. "I have it" he says. "YOU DO!!" I scream. "I'm so excited, I'll be there in 15 minutes to pick it up", I say. Now why is it that Steve cannot understand or fathom the importance of me getting my jacket back that same night? When I bounce down the stairs excitedly to tell him that they found my jacket and I NEED to get NOW.... he looks up at me from his computer and says "I'm not going anywhere, it's late and you can get it in the morning". " BUT I don't want it there" I whine. "I won't be able to sleep without it", I say with sad pouty eyes. Looking at me with his usual "you are nuts in the head look" he just shakes his head and agrees to accompany me (on the condition that I buy him a cookie) to retrieve my "lost" jacket that was "found". We drive there together....he goes in ....comes out with the jacket...opens the car door and throws it at my head.....SUCH a good Steve....Lord give him strength.

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  1. You are too much!!

    That's why I didn't let you go when I bounced you up in the air near the open windows when you were just a peanut!!

    (Now you are just a NUT!!)

    Love you 2 pieces

    Your BRO